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Best WiFi Routers Buying Guides

Current Time wireless technology is Mostly Popular. Every People like it because it helps you to delete wire system in your smart device. And This service give you by a wireless routers. Now-days it use house, office, working place, Restaurant, shop and Every Place for Provide wireless internet connection and Connect many device by wireless system.

Digital People like smart home and wireless router helps you to make it. You can share your internet connection by wireless system in Smart TV, computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, Printer, Light everything and connect all device a same network without wire and able to share your file, data without wire. So it is Most Popular.

And if you want to pick best one you need to know some important feature of wireless routers. Because all routers is not same powerful you need one for your requirement.  Don’t worry read it carefully it helps you for choose one.


Wi-Fi Coverage and Range :


When you want to buy a WiFi router first you take a decision how many areas you need coverage. And you need to select one by your coverage level range. Also how many Clients use it.

A WiFi router range depend their Antenna, Protocol and Band. And every router try to give their maximum range and walls and furniture decrees your WiFi range up to 25%. WiFi range old version is 802.11b and you can get better service between old version by 802.11g protocol.
Current time WiFi building company use in their latest WiFi routers 802.11n Protocol system and it give best performance for improve their radios technology and you can get coverage up to 300 feet.

And most update intelligent protocol is 802.11ac  that give you coverage up to 2,500 square feet.


WiFi Band:

when you go to market place you see 3 kind of WiFi band routers. There are single band, dual band and tri-band.

Single Band routers give you only 2.4GHz frequency. And it only communicate over a single band radio that not good for fast WiFi speed.

Dual band two radio give you one 5GHz Band and another one 2.4GHz band. When you want to live movie in Netflix and want to play a games in online .. 2.4GHz and 5Ghz band connect your device same time and 5GHZz give you less crowded and 2.4GHz offer you best videos streaming. When you buy a tri-Band routers they offer two 2.4GHz radio and one 5GHz.


Wireless Protocol and Max Data Transfer Speed/rate:

All kind of WiFi routers are maintenance by 802.11 protocols. Their older version is 802.11 that give you only 2.4GHZ frequency and max data rate 2Mbps. and some more update protocol is 802.11a and 802.11g and their data transfer max rates is 54 Mbps and current time most WiFi routers use 802.11n protocols this kind of WiFi routers use two radio that give you 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency and give you up to 600Mbps speed. Also someday s ago new discover is 802.11ac and their max data speed rates is 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz Band. Their one routers model is AC1750 router.


WiFi Routers Channel:

WiFi routers channel means how many client able to connect your routers in same times. Current time all of the routers ar automatically connect their client by a channel. and 2.4Ghz band able to connect 11 users i mean this kind of routers available channel is 11. And every user able to get 40MHz frequency by one channel.
And 5GHz channel give you up-to 160MHz frequency that give you more faster WiFi speeds.


WiFi routers LAN Ports:

WiFi routers use LAN ports for get internet connection by Ethernet Cable. And their standard number of LAN port is 4. But current time it is make more update you can see some routers in 8 ports. And WiFi router Ethernet gigabit is 10/100/1,000 . You can able to get 2Gbps connection by combine these port and able to get speed up to 1000Mbps.


USB Ports:

You can see most of the WiFi routers are available one USB port because it is standard but sometimes you can see tow ports in some routers. And some routers USB version is 2.0 ports and some routers is 3.0 ports . USB 2.0 give you 60 Mbps data transfer speed and USB 3.0 give you 650 Mbps data transfer speed. You can share your data in network device by use this port.


WIFI Security:

WIFI security is most important of all WIFI routers. Because if you security is less any hacker and enter your network and able to access your data and change your WiFi setting. So WIFI security helps you to stop um-necessary people entering in your network and Protect your Data.
You can find many kind of WiFi security that is WEP, WPA and WPA2.
This security encrypt your data and helps you to connect your network only permitted people by access key or password.



So all the include information is more important before buy a WiFi routers. Please see this attentively and get a suitable one.


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